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File format and data storage - what do I get from Highland Musikarchiv?

Stand format for our PA and telco licences is MP3 by download. Alternatively you may order the musical material on audio-CD delivered by classic mail. If you require any other format or data storage (e.g. USB stick, external HD) please contact us for an individual offer.

What is the price for PA and telco licences from Highland Musikarchiv?

Licence prices for PA or telco application are based on per-item (CD-/DVD volume offered) pricing system. Licences are always time wise unlimited and include the right of use and the stage rights. Take advantage from our rebate (based on "per-order" count) scheme. Excluding VAT (7% for Germany/EU customers) the prices are as follows:
1 CD/DVD: 75,- € / 2 CDs/DVDs: 125,- € / 3 CDs/DVDs: 175,- € / 4 CDs/DVDs: 225,- € / 5 CDs/DVDs: 275,- € 6 CDs/DVDs: 325,- € / 7 CDs/DVDs: 375,- € / 8 CDs/DVDs: 425,- € / 9 CDs/DVDs: 475,- € / 10 CDs/DVDs: 513,- €. Any additional CD/DVD: 38,- €.

Note: rebate during online purchase will be deducted in the last step prior to final confirmation of your order!

How long is the licence valid?

Highland Musikarchiv PA/telco licences are valid for an unlimited period.

I have stores at different locations - how many licences do I need if I want to play the music everywhere?

Highland Musikarchiv PA/telco licences are always issued for one location stated in the licence document. If you want to use the music in different locations, you require a separate licence for each location. Please contact us in such cases so we can apply the above stated rebate scheme (due to technical aspects not possible online).

What do I do if I get in a check by national authors association/royalty collection agency?

Highland Musikarchiv provides you with an originally signed licence document (Release Document) if you license our music for PA/telco application as proof of origin and royalty free status of the music. In case of controls, just provide the inspecting authority with a copy (you should never give away the original) or - in case of on-site checks - show the document..

What happens if I move my business location to another place?

In such cases you simply send us the original licence document(s) and the new address and we will issue corrected documents free of charge. Please note that in such cases the licence for the prior location becomes void.

May I copy and save the music to PA/telco installations and/or backup systems?

Yes! As soon as you have Highland Musikarchiv music licensed you may do so.

I got a licence for PA or telco application. Since my customers like the music, I would like to use it for my website, fair booth presentation etc. Is that covered?

No! Our licences are based on application related licencing system. If you have a PA or telco licence, any further use of the music for other application (e.g. dubbing) requires a separate dubbing licence. Please get in touch with us to receive an individual offer for your needs.

Do you have special requests or require additional information? Please contact us.

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